the good, the bad, the teething, not napping and the sick

all of which refer to bela.
she just got her first tooth, well it officially broke through about a week and a half ago, but it is still working its way out. today at the doctors office, the nurse commented that her second bottom tooth of about to come in also. i guess in her medical minded way she could see this before me, the first time mom. so i guess that means that i will be in for more fun very soon. poor little teething baby, poor mommy.
so on the sick part, bela has some kind of "goopy eye infection", i believe that is the official name. the doctor didnt actually tell me what it was, just that i had to put drops in 4 times a day. haha, yeah, 4 times. she said it so casually too, as if she has never tried to wipe goop out of a babys eye, let alone put something in. we left the doctors office to get the prescription filled and the whole time i was quietly laughing to myself. bela is a little girl, 14lbs 9ozs to be exact, but she is strong. small, but mighty. so when we got home i put her on the changing table and stripped her down. seemed necessary, i dont know why. i know i dont need to explain the following events, i am sure you can all imagine. i will just say that about 10 drops later i got 1 drop in each eye. only 3 more doses to go, for today, and then only 4 more days! ugh.
i think the not napping part of this post is because of the 96 degree heat. of course our non air conditioned house seems way hotter than that. not that i am complaining, i am getting quality baby time today since she wasn't able to go to daycare.
i shouldnt complain though. through all of this my little bela has still be her usual self. all smiles and giggles. well atleast most of the time.
its hot though, h-o-t hot. although i do think i am taking it pretty well. both of my parents will tell you that i was the biggest whiner in the heat. i guess when you have no ac and no way out of the heat, what the use in complaining, nothing you can do about it. i think when bela gets up from not napping we might make our way to the air conditioned starbucks..mmm.. air conditioning...

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kgb said...

You should come here for a few weeks while her teeth come in. Its winter here, which doesn't mean snow, it meand like 72 degree days and then turning the heaters on at night... And then in summer here, I'll come to you... oops, no, forgot about the snow. Well, maybe when the kids are big enough to remember it.