keep it up

i am trying to get back into the task of daily posts. i guess it isnt as easy as it used to be when i was at home. although, wait, also not sure if i am busier now or when i was still at home. being an at home mom is hard work, being a working mom is hard work too. ahh the endless debate. anyhow back at work today. i dropped bela off this morning to mama chris, eyedrops in hand. i hope clears up soon!

i worked hard all weekend trying to get bela to 1) sit and 2) crawl. she wants nothing to do with this sitting thing. when i try to put her down to sit she just stiffens her legs to stand. not sure if that is good or bad. maybe she will just bypass the sitting and go right to standing. although not sure how that will work. always standing, never sitting, it might make me kind of nervous. i guess she will do it when she is ready!! as far as crawling goes, i put her on her belly and she does this sort of swimming in the air motion. it is super funny. she definitely wants to be on the move, she has things to do. so thats the update for now. they say all babies hit their milestones at different times. and her doctor said it is okay that she has no interest in sitting. guess all we can do is wait!

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Fritz said...

Maybe she'll be like me and skip crawling and go straight to walking.