lots to say

its been awhile and i dont even remember all i have to write, this might have to be a two parter.
anyhow bela got her first tooth! she was not a happy camper through all of it, but i guess that is to be expected.
spent the day visiting on saturday. we went out to coffee in the morning with sarah, the current title holder for cutest pregnant lady! we had fun catching up with her, cant wait to do it again. i am also excited to meet her baby boy when he comes! then we went over for lunch with becky. delicious. we spent about an hour watching bela roll around on the floor. you wouldnt believe how entertaining that can be! after that we went to visit with uncle brent, aunt michelle, grandpa and eric. of course much oohing and aahing was done by all. they are so great with bela! we got some beautiful second hand clothes also, can't wait for fall so she can wear them!
we rounded out a nice weekend of visiting on sunday with some quality brittany time. always good times! we also had some cari and smoothie time at our favorite sunday spot!
ok, that is all for now. more later.

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kgb said...

sore sore sore... don't worry only another 23 (I think) teeth to go... Can you believe that teething starts now and we only get our last teeth as teenagers? Bizarre.