water baby

bela officially loves water, she spent most of the day yesterday in her new pool from oma. this picture came from a camera phone and isnt great quality, but you get the point. the colors actually look kinda creepy and cool though.
we spent sunday night and monday at my folks (typical weekend). on sunday bela ran around like crazy with a 4 year old neighbor girl of my parents while we were at a rib cookoff party/picnic. she just loved this little girl and followed her everywhere, including into the slip and slide while fully clothed. as i was pushing the two on the swing set, the little girl said "bela just loves to look at me, she wants to be big just like me". so friggin cute.
on monday bela didnt get a nap, we ran around a lot and it just never happened. 5 minutes into our car ride home she was out like a light. when we arrived home she woke up but then proceeded to sit next to me quietly on the couch for the next hour until bedtime. she was so beat. i put her to bed with no arguments and she slept through until nearly 7.
of course there was much more to the weekend, but right now i cant recall...
4 more days of work this week and then vacation all next week. i want to say i will try to post each day, but who am i kidding? we will see.

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