funny girl

some info and some stories.

we were in cincinnati last weekend and didnt get home until after 6pm on sunday. bela was tired and very ready for bed, which of course always equals a struggle. i put her down with little resistance pretty close to 7. at about 10 to 8 she was crying. i walked into her bedroom to find my little angel butt naked and standing in pee in her crib. she had taken of the pjs and the diaper and as far as i can speculate had woken up when she peed. such a wonderful young lady.

yesterday morning i was in our bedroom getting dresses and bela was just milling around doing her thing. brett was sound asleep and snoring, as usual. his head was very close to the edge of the bed and bela was just standing there with her face right in his, as if she were trying to figure out what all the noise was. she would look at him, look at me, giggle and so on. then she started mimicking the noise of his snores. it was the funniest bela noise i have ever heard. she was cracking herself up too, of course she knew how funny she was.

this coming weekend my sister and i are headed to athens for babyless mama weekend. i am so looking forward to it. well to the sister part, but not so much the babyless part. i am gonna miss her! update on all this to come soon!

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Nate and Jeff Bowler, Co-Captains said...

That snoring story is ridiculously funny. Let me know how old Athens is doing.