another busy weekend

we spent the weekend at my folks house because friday was omas birthday and because my brother in law paul and niece holly were in town. bela and i arrived at my parents house on friday evening and my mom, dad, karen, karon, holly and paul all came out to meet us. bela pushed them all aside and ran right to paul. so very cute. you gotta love that uncle paul.
on saturday we hung out with one of my friends from work, her husband and their adorable boxer. bela had a great time teasing the dog and climbing up and down the patio stairs, it doesnt take much. after that we headed to my nieces (on bretts side) first birthday party! bela tried her best to be the center of attention and did a good job of it of course.
on sunday we spent most of the day downtown while paul ran the cleveland marathon. he had been sick for several days, but still made it through and did a great job.
bela never got a nap that day... weekends are sometimes just too busy. maybe i am a bad mom to think that way, but there isnt always time.

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