christmas after

bela had a wonderful second christmas!! of course in true baby bela princess style had a pretty dress for both christmas eve and christmas day! she was not old enough to enjoy the first one, she slept through most of it i am sure. this year she was opening presents and playing with a lot of paper. on christmas eve, bela and i went over to my parents house early to hang out and get in the way. my moms family celebrated at my parents house and there are a lot of people. bela and i had to met brett at his dads house later, after he got off work. we ended up having to leave my parents house just as the guests were arriving. we had so much fun with bretts family though, bela got to play with her cousin hailey. at thanksgiving, hailey was not a big fan of bela, she seemed pretty scared of her, but on christmas they were great together! we got back to my parents house around 7, bela was tired, but stayed up until 8:30. she is not quick to go to bed if she knows that people are around to oggle her. christmas day of course brought delicious eats with the ladies k. and plenty of family fun. we are so lucky to have such great friends and family!
she got so much stuff, clothes, toys, books... stuff. we have been having lots of fun playing with new toys! although most of them are still in packages at this point though, the one thing we didnt get was a toy box. we desperately need one. well two would be cool actually. a certain someone is going to attempt to build one for her. i have high hopes! anyhow, christmas was tons of fun and i know it will only get better next year! i think her favorite toy right now is her cabbage patch kid newborn, its a small size of the original and came with a little car seat. she has been carrying her around since christmas, mostly by her feet.
hopefully being a mama will help me to appreciate christmas more, although i am not sure i will ever come around with the christmas music.

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