party girl!

brett and i went to patricks annual new years eve party this year. last year we took bela along, but this year we left her with my parents. they also went to a party at a friends house. my little party girl bela stayed up until midnight! she was the life of the party, of course, and just a little bundle of entertainment all night. i am sure she was out like a light when they finally got her home and in bed though. even though she didnt go to bed until about 12:30, she was still up at 6:30. its like clockwork. my mom put her for a nap at 10 and she slept for 3 hours! I picked her up around 2 and we headed home. brett had the day off and so we all got to spend the day together. at about 4, bela turned into the demon seed. i thought her head was going to start spinning around. she was so tired that i couldnt get her to do anything, even eat and bela is the eating queen. i put her in the tub at 5 and she was content for a bit. i was able to hold her off until 6, but i had to give in at that point and put her to bed. she fell asleep in my arms while eating a bottle within minutes. she slept straight through until 7 the next morning and woke up refreshed! we made it through! i am glad though that she had a good time, i guess its fine every once in a while for the girl to have a party night!

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