mama night

last night my mom took bela for the night and i went out for dinner and drinks with joanna. we were out celebrating my birthday, which was december 19th, that shows you how often this mama gets out of the house for adult time! we had a great time, as always, just chatting and hanging out. i miss times like that, being able to just go out without worrying about having to be responsible mama. although i missed my bela every minute of the night. now i am at work, a bit groggy and sleepy, but it was all worth it. i cant wait to see bela now though, being away from her for this long is tough, but i know i need it every once in a while.

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Rkaper said...

I hope we can try to get together sometime soon (I know I have been saying that for some time now). I've been working so much recently... but I have come to realize that I need to try to cut back a little to do things for myself and my sanity.