big 30

today is my 30th birthday. is it the end of an era, or the beginning of one? i am actually pretty excited about turning 30, ask anyone, i havent shut up about it in about a week. i am not normally one of those birthday people, its just another day really. this year is special though, this year i turn 30. yeah its just a number, but its a big number, a milestone number, a number of certitude. or something.
jay z says 30s the new 20.. smart man, then again hes a baller, im not. so that might not apply.
so how did i spend my last night at a 20-something? watching the gay cowboy movie and making truffles... look out! do i wish i had gone out and partied it up? not a chance. my beautiful baby was tucked soundly in her bed, that i wouldnt trade for all the all-night drinkfest parties in the world.
so am i where i thought i would be at 30? dunno, i never really thought things out like that. i am married to the love of my life, i have a perfect daughter, a wonderful family, etc. sounds like exactly where i want to be.
what would i have done differently? nothing, absolutely nothing.
so what do i want to do in my 30s? get a new job, have another baby, lose some weight, get healthier, be nicer. those are my goals.... let's see what happens next.


Greta Garbo said...

Hey Holly!
This is Debbie (from Borders) now in Detroit, MI) (Ignore the Greta Garbo thing; my paranoid husband thought I needed a pseudonym.)

Happy 30th! Sounds like life is going well, and your daughter is adorable. I have no idea when/if I'll make it down to Cleveland, but I'll let you know if I ever do.

Maybe I'll send you a real email...cheers!

Anonymous said...

I don't think you can be any nicer or more beautiful

Love the mom person