this had got to be a fluke...

... and i am about to jinx it.
for about the past month off and on, bela
has been giving me the hardest time putting her to bed. we read books,
or i attempt to while she grabs at it or flips the pages. we rock, then
in the crib, then fuss. at that point i ether make multiple trips back
up to her room for soothing or i let her "cry it out",which usually lasts no longer than 10 minutes.
so why was tonight so different?
tonight we sat in the rocker and she listened intently while i read four books, she pointed at the pictures and tried to repeat the words. after a bit of rocking,
i put her in the crib. she immediately sat up and looked at me. i said
"lie down and i will cover you up" and she did, and i did. then i
left.. that was that. unbelievable.
i am not gonna make a big deal over this (oops too late), but we will just have to wait and see how tomorrow goes.

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kgb said...

Getting there! That is so brilliant!