back to the fourth of july! we decided to keep bela up for fireworks and to take her to our friends party at his country club. i was unsure how she would react to them, but thought it was worth a shot since she isnt usually bothered by loud noises. we got there right around seven, which is belas bedtime. she was very well behaved and spent most of the time wandering the grounds (party was outside) while either brett or i followed after her. at about 8:30 she was tired out and let me carry her around. there were plenty of other kids there too so she had a ball. when it came time for the fireworks we sat down in the grass for the show, which i might add is one of the best i have ever seen. bela was in my lap with a bowl of goldfish crackers (her fave)and boris. to my dismay, she wasnt even phased by the fireworks, she actually didnt even really pay attention to them. she was to busy snacking and people watching. every once in a while she would look up and point at the lights, but that was it. eh, maybe next year!

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