the haircut dilemna

so i thought it might be a good idea to take bela for her first
haircut. just to trim it up and even it out, nothing major. then i read
an article in parents magazine that made me think twice, the writer
said that if you cut off the "baby curls" they most likely will not
grow back. now, many of you know that my one stipulation while pregnant
with this little girl was that she had to have ringlets. on more than
one occasion i pointed out what was to be my "dream baby hair". so
imagine my horror when i read that they might not stick around and more so
might not make it out of the salon. what is a mama to do? take the
risk? let her hair grow for years and years under this facade of baby
curls? hope that they are in it for the long haul?
well to further this saga, i was at the play area in the mall (aka the
pit-o-germs) and got to talking to another woman. she was the mom of a 4
year old girl with poker straight hair halfway down her back, the bottom 3
inches beautiful ringlets. the little girl told me that she was having her very first
haircut that day. mom confessed that she couldnt bear cutting it earlier because she didnt want to lose the "baby curls" at the ends.
(yes, you see where i am going with this) and once she cut them off, they wouldnt grow back because obviously the rest of her hair was straight as could be.
sooooo... what do i do? i know this is so silly and not a big deal, but i would miss the curls. imagine my delight when they showed up in the first place! what would i
do without them? i guess just be content with the baby to which they are connected. hmph.

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