still going...

so we are still on this waking up between 5:00-6:00, eating a bottle, back to sleep until 7ish thing. i am for sure not complaining. i am gonna say this is pretty darn close to sleeping through the night.
during a recent conversation with mama chris, i found out that bela holds her own bottle most of the time when she is there. she never holds her own bottle for me and i have been trying for some time now. i almost didnt believe it until i saw it with my own eyes. i walked in to pick bela up on thursday and there she was just chillin with her bottle. she looked up at me as if she was caught red handed. she just kept on drinking and then paused, looked up at me and smiled like she had just pulled off the biggest prank of the century.
so since that day i have been trying extra hard to get her to hold the bottle. brett suggested that i tell her that she cant eat unless she does it herself. knowing my little booger that might just work. during our bedtime rocking session on saturday, she pulled the bottle up to her mouth and i just let go, but this only lasted for a few seconds. she stopped eating and looked at me as if i just wasnt doing my part.
so after a long weekend of struggling, she started to come around.
brittany and i had spent all day sunday running errands and the peanut was pooped. as i was putting her into the carseat after the last stop, i thought i should give her a bottle to make the car ride home a little better. as i went to put the bottle in her mouth, she grabbed it from me as if she had been doing this all along. i jump in the front and started driving. she did a pretty good job of feeding herself, but brittany had to help her out a bit.
so we are still struggling with this, at bedtime last night we took turns holding the bottle. i know this is not a big deal, but it is a milestone of sorts. i know she can do it, i saw it with my own eyes, its just that having mama do it is so much better.

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