more firsts

we were in cinci over the weekend. such a good time! i really wish my sister lived closer and i could see her every day!! but i guess it makes it more special now when i do get to see her. or something like that.
summer is almost over and bela started out not wanting anything to do with water, other than the bathtub. we spend a week in south carolina and she freaked whenever i got her too close to the ocean or the kiddie pool. well, this weekend in cinci she took on the big bad baby pool. she loved it! she was crawling around and splashing like an old pro! i am just glad that she finally likes the water, but i wish it could have happened earlier. oh well.
also this weekend bela got her first booboo. not the first time she took a tumble or a fall, but the first mark or proof. no this is not a good thing, but at this point in the game i gotta take all the firsts i can, they are dwindling!

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