wonderful week off

bela and i were on vacation last week due to mama chris being on vacation. wonderful! we used this opportunity to head down to cincinnati on saturday to spend time with heather and the gang. we had such a great time!! every day was very busy filled with kidlet activities, lots of walking, good food, lots of wine and tons of quality sister time. bela had a ball too of course with her cousins and neither of us were ready to leave when thursday rolled around.

on thursday night bela and i had a sleepover with meg and bri! meg had to work on friday so i was watching bri for her for the day with bela. kid time was ok, but neither of the girls had a nap so it was pretty painful. after we got them into bed, megs and i made a yummy dinner, some dirty martinis and watched an awful movie. bela and i both slept in the same room, with belas pack n play very near to the end of my bed. at 1 am i awoke to bela trying to climb into my bed. needless to say i didnt sleep much after than because i am was worried she was gonna roll out. so i was no very happy when she woke up at 5:30 and was ready to the start the day!

on friday night we stayed over at my folks and hung out with the ladies k and jen and mike. then on saturday we went to melissas baby shower, despite having no nap (again) bela was a very good girl!

my mom kept bela on saturday night and took her to karons bday party. i headed home (finally after a week!!) to see brett for our anniversary! brett, chris and i went to patricks for his bday party. lots of fun, interesting people, good food, many drinks and a beautiful night out by the pool.

so all in all a great week off!! although it wasnt really relaxing...

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