too much

somehow did i not only make it almost three weeks without posting, but
i made it without a single person reminding me of it. so know it has
been way too long and way too much has happened in that time. we have
been really busy and idont think my brain can take recapping it all right now.
we have family in town for easter which was wonderful. my sister, her husband and the their girls and also my aunt and uncle from colorado. we all crashed my folks house and it was such a full house, but no one complained. i think we all loved every minute of it, i know i did!
in current news, bela was sick again last night, i hoping today will look up.
okay so i know this was a crappy catch up post, but thats
it man. i will post more if i think of something worth while. and in typical style, i will supplement with pictures! lets
all just forget about the lapse and i will try to be a better blogger.
deal? deal.

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