so my little "eats anything" bela girl has suddenly turned picky. well picky about certain foods. she still loves most meat and of course cheese, but lately she doesnt want anything to do with veggies. i even tried cutting them up in minuscule pieces and mixing in to mac n cheese which only caused her to not eat any of it. so last night for dinner she ate chicken and cheese and she was perfectly happy. now i just need to discover new tactics for hiding veggies. on the upside she will eat baby food veggies... is that weird? i guess i cant complain really.

on a sidenote, this morning i turned on the tv to belas channel and the wiggles were on. gag. it was the "little wiggles" segment where all of the men are replaced for like 8 year old boys. gag. their tv was malfunctioning and one of them made a comment about missing oreilly. as if the show isnt horrendous enough, but now they gotta be young republicans too? gag.

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