the first party

yesterday was belas birthday, today was her first party with my friends. everything went really well, we ate food, bela opened presents, then we ate cake. thats the short version. bela got so many wonderful gifts! lots of great books, puzzles, an awesome music table, a learning treehouse
toy, a chair just for bela, a nursery rhyme player. a beautiful holiday dress, and some really
cute clothes!! this little girl is officially spoiled, but she totally
deserves every lick of it. of course, as i predicted, the bakery
misspelledbelas name on the cake, but oh well , she still enjoyed it!

it took her a bit to get into it, she started eating her normal thumb
an index finger dainty way, but by the end she was covered. tomorrow is
another party, more cake and more present... more later.

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