bela's wish list

many people have been asking me what bela wants or needs for her birthday. so i figured i would work up a list of ideas. no, she does not require a TMX... not that anyone could get their hands on it even if she did. i think that a toy with three interactive tickle spots is way out of her scope. plus i would not want anyone to get shot, stabbed or mauled in the name of a one year olds birthday. although i bet that thing is cool as hell, how could it not be? 6 AA batteries = off the hook fun. anyhow back to the list:
clothes- bela just now fits size 6-12 months, yes she is a peanut and yes i like it that way. the pants are bit big on her, but gives her room to wiggle, or grow. yes, pink is ok as long as it doesnt include lace, ruffles or looks like a garden threw up on it. she is in need of winter wear - sweaters, hoodies, pants, warm jammies, sleeper sacks. also i am currently in a tights and dress/jumper mode. we like patterned/striped/fun colored tights! you all know how much hair this girl has, we can always use cute accessories to tie it up. also any soft soled shoes - she isnt walking yet, but i am told these are best for beginners. stride rite has some cute ones, also most of you know my new obsession with robeez.
toys- she honestly doesnt have very many toys, at least not big girl ones. she enjoys stacking, putting things inside other things, toys with lights and toys that make noise, including musical toys. of course mama would appreciate learning toys - abc, 123, shapes, colors, etc. anything from the leap frog, fisher price, or melissa and doug lines are wonderful. we also need board books, puzzles (the wooden ones like the "melissa and doug" brand) and bath toys.
ok that is all i can think of right now, hope this helps!!

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