we had a fantastic time in chicago!! thanks to brittany for taking us along and treating us so well!! thanks to jorge for letting us take over his pad for the weekend!! there is so much to tell, can't even think of where to start.
*belas first plane trip was great, she was a little wiggly, but a good girl on the whole. *friday night brittany let me pick the restaurant for dinner, of course i did some major research ahead of time. we ate at a fabulous place called sweets and savories. amazing. it was me, brit and jorge. i convinced them that we should do the tasting menus, not that it was a hard sell. of course, always the way to go. bela tried just about everything including foie gras! wonderful, i was the happiest girl in the world. *saturday-started the day with an amazing breakfast at a place called orange. wow, orange infused coffee and special babycakes for bela. we spent the rest of the day wandering downtown, shopping and what not. *gap=3 floors *h&m= 3 floors, the way it was meant to be *swirlz-cupcakes galore, friggin genius. *food, food and more food.. you know i could go on all day about that. *sunday- marathon!! big day for brittany! over 40k runners and 1.5 million spectators, holy crap. let me just say that a crowd like that is rough with a baby in a stroller, but we managed and had a great time people watching! bela of course enjoyed all the attention from strangers. brittany finished the race and we were so happy to see her! and SO proud!! *after the race we walked (slowly) to get some well deserved lunch. poor little brit was hanging in there, but was a little sore. *we got back to jorges place and crashed, i think bela might have been as worn out as brittany. she was out like a light at 5:45. *monday, good bye chicago, hello cleveland.
so now its back to reality, but we really had a great time. extra special thanks and hugs to brittany!! you are too good to us!!

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