11 months old!

this is late, i know.
baby b! you are not 11 months old. in the past month you have fully perfected your crawling skills and have before much braver with your cruising. you are not yet ready to let go and stand (or walk), but i think you will be soon. also this month you took your first plane ride! we travelled to chicago for a long weekend trip and you were such a trooper!
also you are getting two new teeth, the top front ones, it been 3 months since your last 2 came in! i guess you like to grow teeth in pairs.
mama is a very non picky eater, daddy is very picky. this month i have been testing my limits with what you will and will not eat. there are very few things that you dont like. new things you like: pickles, olives, foie gras, lobster bisque, french fries... things you don't like (but would most likely still eat): green beans, potatoes (unless mashed). daddy and i also discovered yesterday that you love lima beans. while daddy was feeding you dinner, he kept picking them out of the mixed vegetable medley just so he could 'see your face light up' when you ate them.
i think that is about it for your 11 month update, you are so much fun right now. i can't wait to see what happens next.

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