christmas recap.. to be followed by lots of pics

my good friend katie was here for christmas with her two boys (one being belas future husband if we have any say in it) for about two weeks. we had so much fun with and without kidlets. i cant even go into it all right now because i am still getting over her leaving.

also my sister and her family were here for the weekend before christmas. that was awesome and bela of course enojoyed having her cousins here. we did a faux xmas morning on saturday and about halfway through presents (tons and tons of presents!) she just kinda stopped and played with what she had and i finished for her. for the following 3 days she opened present in some capacity and on the fouth she woke up asking for more.

brett, bela and i spent christmas morning together at home. brett did an amazing job of shopping for presents! she is now the proud owner of a sit and spin (way fancier than the one you had as a kid) and a purple elephant rocking horse thingy.

on christmas eve bela was a bit sick and threw up a few times. she was done with that by the morning, but still not herself.

thanks to santa and everyone for all the great stuff!! we are now reevaluating our living room space and thinking of what we can move to belas room.

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