you're too cute not to be somebody's wife

"You know I still love, you, right? More than ever?"

"I like to hear it."

this morning on the way to work i was listening to npr, as usual, and on fridays they have a special segment called storycorps. i know most of you are npr kids like me so i wont go into the description. anyhow this one was really interesting to me because it dealt with the topic of alzheimers disease. check out the article here. (i think it is way better if you listen to the entire thing rather than read the recap) my nanny(dads mom) suffered from alzheimers disease from just about as far back as i can remember. i cant honestly say i remember her in a time before it. through it all, my poppa(dads dad) was right there to take care of her and help her through it. my nanny was always so together, she was a beautiful woman and worked to keep herself looking that way. as time went on, and her condition worsened, she no longer looked like the nanny i remembered. "my doctor told me he did not want me to cook, and that was music to my ears." while listening to the storycorps segment, it really hit me that this was an exact conversation that nanny and poppa might have had if she had been aware of her condition that early on. the woman was more afraid of her husband having to take care of her than she was of the disease itself, she didnt want to be a burden. "you know I'm going to take care of you, don't you?" my grandparents are both gone now and i realized at that moment that i dont think about them as much as i should. halfway to work in the car, tears streaming down my face, all these memories of my grandparents together came rushing back to me. as soon as the story finished, i called my sister. as i suspected, she was standing in her kitchen in tears listening to the same program.

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