5 months old

you are now 5 months old! such a big girl and getting bigger everyday! at your last doctors appointment you weighed almost 12 pounds.
you are now able to roll over, from your belly to your back and your back to your belly. also you are finally getting the hang of playing with toys. you are able to pick things up and insert into your mouth with great ease!
i finally succumbed to the pacifier. mama chris told me that she gives it to you at nap time. since i have been having such a rough time getting you to nap on weekends, i decided to give it a shot. works like a charm! this also seems to cut down on your hand sucking time, plus you look way cuter with the pacifier than with your fist. as oma keeps saying, "she is just a baby that wants to suck". well i gave in, suck away my little one! both you and i are much more content with this arrangement!
eating is going really well also. you are still eating cereal, but we have also been introducing new fruits and veggies. for sure your favorite is sweet potatoes, but you seem to do pretty well with everything. we are now using your high chair and that makes things so much easier!
on top of the rolling over, you have also learned two more new things this month. i might call them bad habits, but i am sure they will pass in time. first of all, you have finally mastered the art of putting your foot/toes in your mouth. you have been working on this for quite some time so i guess i am happy that you finally did it. secondly, in the past week, you have learned how to spit. sort of like a "raspberries" kind of spitting i guess. at first it was pretty cute, but then you started doing it with food in your mouth.
the best thing you started doing this month is laughing! it is just the cutest little giggle and it makes my heart hurt because it is so darn sweet.


Fritz said...

That is a ton of frogs!

J.P. said...

"Mama Chris" makes me think of Chris in a muumuu and a bonnet, and I just laugh and laugh.